HVDC-VSC Technology & Modeling in EMTP®

HVDC-VSC Technology & Modeling in EMTP®


The objective of the training is to present a technical hands-on on HVDC-VSC systems.
It is organized in collaboration with Siemens-Energy and The University of Texas.

The training covers the following topics:

  • Introduction to HVDC-VSC technology

  • Modeling and simulation of HVDC-VSC systems with EMTP®

  • Specifications of HVDC-VSC projects

This course presents practical and technical information on HVDC-VSC systems.
EMTP® will be used to illustrate concepts and performances of HVDC-VSC systems.


Training structure 

The duration is 3 days.
The training starts at 8:30 am and ends at 5:00 pm every day.
Lunch breaks (included in the course fee) are from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm.


Intended audience 

This course is designed for engineers, researchers, and students with a keen interest in HVDC systems.


Computer and temporary EMTP® licenses

Every participant is required to bring their own personal computer. EMTP® licenses will be provided for the course's duration. EMTP® is free for Universities.



Day 1: Introduction to EMTP®

A. EMTP® solution methods

B. Basic switching transients

C. Modeling of power electronic systems

D. Modeling of renewable energy resources


Day 2: VSC-HVDC Technology

A. Introduction to VSC-HVDC

B. System topologies

C. VSC-HVDC design principles and relevant standards

  • Steady-State Design

  • Transient Design

  • Dynamic Design

D. Equipment modeling for VSC-HVDC design


Day 3: VSC-HVDC Technology Applications & Modeling

A. Modeling in EMTP ®

  • Basic principles

  • Available models

  • Inelfe case

  • CIGRE benchmarks

B. Transient modeling and analysis of results

C. Dynamic modeling and analysis of results

D. US requirements on modeling (NERC, IEEE 2800)

Contact for training information

Radost BABADZHANOVA | Marketing Manager, PGSTech

Email: marketing@emtp.com

Jean MAHSEREDJIAN, Ph.D, IEEE Follow | Lead developer of EMTP®

Email: jean@emtp.com


General conditions

Participants will have to pay 100% in advance before the course.

In case you cannot attend the training after having registered, please contact us as soon as possible at marketing@emtp.com

This training is organized in collaboration with Siemens-Energy and The University of Texas.


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Nov 29 - Dec 01, 2023


Industry: 1,800$
Free registration for university students


The University of Texas at Austin | Engineering Education & Research Center (EER)

2501 Speedway
Austin, TX 78712, USA

Room: EER 3.640/3.642

Brian Johnson, Professor


Ewgenij Starschich,
Lead Engineer HVDC, Siemens-Energy

Hossein Ashourian,
Lead Engineer of EMTP®