• Transients, stability and load flow in one software


Load-Flow, Stability, and Transients in the same software

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What is EMTP®?

Electromagnetic transients program (EMTP®) is the reference for the simulation and analysis of power systems. With its unique capabilities and accuracy, EMTP® is the industry's fastest, most accurate and most stable software.


EMTP® has a very powerful unbalanced multi-phase load-flow solver capable of solving very large scale transmission and distribution grids, cases with more than 300000 buses can be solved.


EMTP® provides the most accurate, numerically stable, and consistent time-domain simulations.


The electrical network equations are solved using complex phasors. This option can be used in the stand-alone mode or for initializing the time-domain solution. A harmonic steady-state solution can be achieved.


A frequency scan simulation is available with EMTP® to determine the system impedance and to identify any possible resonance frequencies within the system.

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Why Choose EMTP®?

During the time-domain simulations, several challenges can be met.

Here is how EMTP® answers them.

  • user friendly design
    User-friendly GUI

    Easy to use, it has a hierarchical architecture based on subcircuit and it can handle very large grids.

  • completely scriptable
    Completely Scriptable

    Everything that can be done by hand can be automated by scripts!

  • Computational Engine
    Computational Engine

    It significantly improved solution methods for nonlinear models. Easily solve wide range of problems from load-flow to very fast transients.

  • Scopeview: Data Display Analysis

    ScopeView is a data display tool for visualizing and analyzing results of EMTP® simulations.

EMTP® running on a laptop

EMTP® Modules

EMTP® allows you to simulate fast to very fast electromagnetic transients.

Renewables Toolbox

Our toolbox provides detailed and customizable state- of-the-art IBR models, valid for load-flow, harmonic and EMT simulations.

Protection Toolbox

Automatically converts EMTP® studies (IBR switching transients, insulation coordination, and transient stability).

Exciters and Governors Library

Our Exciters and Governors Library includes more than 90 standard models for governors, exciters and stabilizers.

Simulink® Toolbox

Simulink DLL allows you to access all EMTP® solution procedures externally and build the most complex models.

PSS®E Import Tool

PSS®E Import Tool allows automatic conversion of PSS®E network models for various EMTP® studies.

LIOV Toolbox

LIOV Toolbox is developed for the calculation of lightning-induced overvoltages on an overhead distribution network.


It provides a powerful environment based on MATLAB® that enables exploration and analysis of results and identification of critical parameters.

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EMT Simulation Models

Engineers simulating computations and city scape
  • co-simulation connectivity


    Easily connects to Simulink® Compatible with FMI standard

  • compatibility with many other tools

    Compatible with


  • infinite Network size


    Network size

  • Machine Models

    Advanced machine models and their controls are included in EMTP®

  • Line and Cable Models

    Accurate line and cable models and parameter calculation routines

  • Transformer Models

    Transformer models (saturation of the magnetic core and hysteresis)

  • IBR Models

    A large collection of IBR models - wind turbines and photovoltaics

  • HVDC & FACTS Models

    Fully detailed LLC models and built-in, customizable MMC models

  • Relay Models

    The most detailed protection relay models in the industry.

  • Power Electronics Models

    AC-DC and DC-DC AVM converters are available in EMTP®

  • Control library

    Contains a set of control blocks to build control circuit, i.e. transfer functions, logic, math functions, etc.

The simulation of power systems transients has never been so easy!



Simulation of single-phase fault in an unbalanced 230kV Network Simulation

Example of parametric studies performed using EMTPWorks scripting capabilities (JavaScript)


Parametric studies using EMTP® scripting capabilities(JavaScript)

ScopeView is an advanced tool for visualization and post-processing of data


ScopeView is an advanced tool for visualization and postprocessing of data