Control your EMTP® simulations from the MATLAB® environment!

The MATLAB-EMTP API is a MATLAB add-on which allows to access most of EMTP® features and functionalities from the MATLAB® environment.

It allows to combine the advantages of the MATLAB scripting language such as its optimization functions and signal processing features with the unparalleled time-domain simulation performances of EMTP®.

Here are some examples of the capabilities of this API:

  • Open or create an EMTP® design. The GUI may be opened silently!
  • Create and modify circuits: add/remove devices, modify device parameters, change connections, create subcircuits, etc.
  • Start simulations. All simulation options (Load-flow, time-domain, frequency scan, etc) offered by EMTP® are available. Parallel processing may be used!
  • Retrieve simulation results in MATLAB.
  • And many other functions!
EMTP.GetSimulationOption - Changing Simulation Options and Start a Simulation
Figure: example of changing simulation options and starting a simulation.

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EMTP.Device.AddDevice - Adding Devices and Connecting Devices
Figure: example of adding devices, connecting devices together and changing parameters.
EMTP.Simulate.RunSimulation - Start Simulations and Retrieve Simulation Results
Figure: example of starting a simulation and retrieving simulation results.

Note: This API will be installed in the MATLAB® environment and requires a valid MATLAB® license.