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How to protect a subcircuit using password

EMTP provides the option to protect a subcircuit using a user password. When a device is given password protection then it becomes necessary to enter the password when accessing the device from a library, accessing its contents or trying to edit it

How to create a subcircuit and mask

In this tutorial section we will look at how to use hierarchy to simplify the representation of complex designs. Using this feature, a symbol on a top-level circuit can itself represent a subcircuit of any desired size or complexity.  

How to add a pin to a subcircuit

In this tutorial, we will create add a new pin to an existing subcircuit. The initial subcircuit consists two pins connected through a resistor.   1.     Go to "Subcircuit" section in "Options" tab and click t

How to create subcircuit with bundle

In this tutorial, we will create a subcircuit with bundle pins to connect a whole set of control signals.                  1.     Isolate the part of the EMTP model that will make the subcircuit.    

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