Capacitor energization, power system conversion, and load flow studies in EMTP

EMTP's import tool function will be used to convert a PSS/E grid to EMTP. Transient studies are conducted for 100 breaker closing instances, along with statistical analysis and worst-case scenarios. - Sam Maleki

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The addition of capacitor banks to the system may result in the frequency shift of the resonance modes in the system. This change may result in undesired interaction of the system with other elements during the transients. In addition, the energization of the capacitor banks may result in undesired over voltage and high inrush current (above the breaker capability limits). Following steps has been taken to ensure the addition of the new cap bank to the system will not adversely affect the performance of the system • System conversion to EMTP from PSSE using import tool function in EMTP for 5 busses away from the system • Running the load flow and benchmarking the results • Running the frequency scan of the system • Performing the transient studies for 100 breaker closing instances • Perform the statistical analysis (available tool in EMTP) • Perform the worst-case scenario achieved during the statistical analysis

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